Old Men with Power and Corruption

Charles suspected corruption by Danny due to all the time
Danny was spending with Asher. But in Charles’s mind, he
knew his father would be disappointed if legal representation
was inserted into family affairs. Donald was a kind man that
settled family issues and disagreements in private with love
and kindness. However, Danny was not Donald, and Charles
knew family values were no more.
For the prior eleven years, Danny had despised Asher, as
shown in Danny’s verbal statements to Charles and Abigail.
Charles and his family loved the man sincerely; in fact, they
were distant from Danny due to his unpredictable comments
and bitterness about the mountain property deed change.
Only after Danny’s mother died did Danny begin showing a
regular, yet peculiar, interest in Asher’s affairs.
Prior to Mary’s death, Asher asked Charles to find him a
local attorney, Mr. Hayworth. So, in February of 2016, four months after
Mary died, Charles called the attorney representing Asher’s
estate. He was an older man but one thought “above reproach.”
The attorney, who lived in the same retirement community
as Asher, was in declining health, but was able to do the
work. Charles spoke to the attorney’s paralegal. The paralegal
told Charles he was the executor, with power of attorney.

It was not uncommon for Asher to leave important papers
on his office desk. One day, Charles had decided to snoop
around Asher’s desk and find his will, suspecting the will
might not be the same. Asher was very private man, so asking
him about his personal affairs was not something Charles
would do, yet he smelled a rat and a snake.

Despite Asher’s asking Charles to be the executor back in
2015, Asher failed to provide Charles a copy of the will. Charles
was naturally curious. Why did Charles not ask Asher directly
for a copy of the will? Was Danny nudging Asher with negative
comments about Charles in attempt to get back at him?
Charles would later learn from Glenda and his aunt Joselyn
that Danny was slandering Charles, so his fear of manipulation
had a moral basis. Did it have a legal one?
Right there on Asher’s desk, while Charles and Asher
shared a glass of wine, the will had been changed without
Charles’s knowledge. Who was behind this action? The beneficiary
cash benefit amounts were changed, and now the caregiver
for Asher (Patty) was in the will. Charles took photos of
the old will and the new will.

Jim’s ability to carry out his duty would not hold up, as
shown in the first and only attorney-client meeting.  In Jim’s
mind and under the influence of Danny, he would manage the
9-million-dollar estate with little regard for Charles.

Keith informed Charles of the meeting they had been requesting
from Jim for several weeks. Keith had discovered
some serious flaws in Danny’s probate filing of the will.
As previously suggested, Danny’s self-image was faulty,
his jealousy of Charles raging, and revenge for the mountain
house deed change brewing. Thus, Danny was attempting to
act like an attorney, to control everyone, but with no formal
education or experience to enable him to do so. His drinking buddy, Jacky, the first lawyer to represent
Mary, had been careless in managing Asher’s estate, and he
left off Charles as one of co-trustees of the $9 million bank account.
Charles would later learn Danny did this intentionally.
Charles began to collect information and think of a legal

Soon after Charles showed up at the attorney-client meeting,
Keith (representing Charles) arrived. Danny did not show
up, only Jacky. Jim was waiting around in the reception area,
making flattering comments about an old photo of his father
and Charles’s father.

The principal of the firm, Jim, attempted to appeal to
Charles’s emotions with the photograph of him and his father
with Charles’s father. Then Jim remarked about how much
money was involved in the Asher estate. It became clear Jim
was in the game to gain a lot of money, not for a win-win

Charles would later realize how corrupt Jacky and Jim
were and the reason Danny hired a firm with either a poor
reputation or an unethical firm.

As we will see the mismanagement of the Asher Anderson Estate by Jim and Danny shows old men with Power are corrupt

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